Enterprise Profile

Shanghai KMIN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. a manufacturer mainly product conductive plastic displacement sensor in China. It can product conductive plastic resistors (thick film resistors) and precious metal filamentous brush brush. In China ,we are the first manufacturer in China. Established in 2000, our company is a entity high-tech enterprise with youthful vitality.


Our enterprise mission is to lead and promote technological revolution. Our enterprise purpose is to promote customer success with high technology. We has introduced advanced technology in German and Japan and we continues to deepen and developed linear displacement sensors, angular displacement sensors, high-life resistance substrate, precious metal filamentous brush and other mature products. The annual production capacity of the company is more than 100 million. Our clients including domestic well-known automobile OEMs equipment plants, some products are also sold to foreign markets such as Europe and North America and our products enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.


The products of KMIN Electronic are widely used in automotive, engineering machinery aerospace and injection molding machines, woodworking machinery, printing machines, robots, engineering testing, hydraulics, pneumatics and other occasions that require precision measurement and control. We provide the production design and new product development that meet the individual needs of customer, both appearance and performance can meet the different needs of customers. We are wholeheartedly to serve our clients at home and abroad.








地址: Building B2, Number 201, Xingzhong Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai