Enterprise Culture

Since its inception, we has focused on establishing a stronger internet brand. Our team members have served on excellent domestic advertising agencies and Internet companies. We have involved in the following business type such as WEB vision, interactive design, mobile terminal user experience and so on. Our foundation is quality and honor. We focus on your each requirements, fully considerate each detail, actively do a good service and endeavors to broaden the horizon. We achieved excellent results but won’t stop here. Facing to our old and new customers, we are very  pleased to connect with you in a receptive and simple attitude, to explore your enterprise and provide higher quality service.
Our service purpose: constantly provide higher quality service and keep research and develop higher quality production for our clients.
Thank you for choosing us. Each cooperation is a complete experience and challenge. We are happy to accept challenge and we are looking forward to cooperating with you.
Customer is valued: focus on the concept of “your satisfaction, my wish”, to provide services that exceed market value and customer expectations and to make customer satisfaction in all respects
People-oriented: employees are the most precious resources of an enterprise. We respect knowledge and individuals, encouraging and helping individual development is the commitment of an organization to employees.
Integrity is the first: integrity is the fundamental condition for the foothold and development of an enterprise, and keeping promises is the basic criterion for our business management.
Harmony is precious: our interpersonal guideline is“ in carrying out the rules of propriety, ease of manner is to be prized”. Company requires all employees to strength teamwork and handle relationships with suppliers, customers, employees and all related parties with a harmonious attitude.
Efficiency is the ruler : the company requires employees to do right things in the right way, and measures the organization's business results with effectiveness, and encourages employees to make further progress.
Restrained is the balance: do things honestly and be a reliable person, reliable and restrained is the way the executive leaders and employees act. Remain true to our original aspiration and forge ahead.







地址: Building B2, Number 201, Xingzhong Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai